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Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum - PHOTO BY ERIK DROST/FLICKR CC

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Photo by Erik Drost/Flickr CC Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum

High culture or low culture, night or day, food or drink, arts or entertainment, this beautiful city abounds with options. We’ve narrowed the lengthy roster of possibilities and experiences down to 25 we’d recommend tackling. Whether you conquer the entire list or highlight just a couple during a weekend in town, you won’t be disappointed.

1 | Rock Hall

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame might feel like one of those things Clevelanders take for granted. But we should all be paying more attention, and stepping through the doors. The Hall is oh-so-much more than a museum, which isn’t to knock its collection — do be sure to check out the Hall’s Right Here, Right Now! Collection, which showcases items from modern luminaries not yet eligible for induction. But the Rock Hall offers so much more. From concerts, talks, films and interactive exhibits, there’s always something new, something to learn, something to experience. Don’t miss the Power of Rock, a spellbinding exhibit featuring video footage and sounds that make the whole room shake.

2 | Playhouse Square

It might seem obvious, but if you’ve never caught a show at Playhouse Square, you should rectify that mistake immediately. Playhouse Square is the nation’s largest performing arts complex outside of New York City, and the thrill of going to see a touring Broadway musical in one of its elegant theaters really never gets old. There’s something old-timey about it, you know: a night on the town. But it’s not just Broadway musicals you’ll find at Playhouse Square. With nine distinct venues, programming includes (but is by no means limited to) comedy acts, variety shows, literary lectures, a summer cinema series and concerts. There’s something happening every night of the week, and with competitive ticket prices and discounted season bundles, seeing high-caliber performing arts has never been as classy nor as comfortable. Yes, and there’s a massive chandelier.

3 | Cleveland Public Theatre

Although Cleveland Public Theatre is committed to supporting home-grown artists and professionals alike, its dedication to fostering conversation and communication within the community at large is just as impressive. The theater’s programming is diverse and thought provoking, and aims to illuminate and examine pressing social issues, while its youth-geared programs offer cultural and personal enrichment. CPT’s ability to launch promising works by upstart playwrights is an asset that enriches (and emboldens) the local cultural scene.

4 | Superelectric Pinball

Back in the ’80s, video game arcades were the hippest places in which to hang, as they were communal gathering places as much as they were gaming emporiums. That’s the vibe of Superelectric Pinball Parlor, whose rows of flashing machines brighten the corner of West 65th and Detroit. In a nod to the owners’ reverence for pinball’s history and evolution, simpler older models — all of which have been lovingly restored to their original colorful glory — are as common as sleek new games. Find a nice selection of beer and nibbles like Korean fried chicken. Just be sure to wipe your hands before heading back to the machines.

5 | Waterloo Arts Gallery

This neighborhood anchor isn’t just the biggest supporter of Collinwood’s growing arts district: It’s also a vocal champion for Northeast Ohio’s burgeoning arts scene. That’s obvious in the mind-expanding exhibits that cycle through the gallery in a given year — all of which encompass diverse mediums and approaches — and the community-oriented way it approaches operations. After all, few organizations would dare to combine their annual meeting with a Valentine’s Day card-making party — a welcoming, transparent gesture that makes the public feel…

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