Coin-op amusements news | American Pinball targets F&B


Recent pinball market start-up, American Pinball, is heading for the food and beverage industry to market its latest title, Oktoberfest.

Dhaval Vasani, president at American Pinball, said: “Pinball has limitless business opportunities. Restaurants, bars, and breweries stand to gain the most out of the resurgence of interest in pinball. Pinball uniquely draws older pinballers looking for a nostalgic experience and young gamers looking for a new adventure.

“This is why American Pinball focused on creating a pinball machine that offers a tie-in to Oktoberfest. This is a perfect machine for the food and beverage industry.”

In the game, players travel around the festival, visiting over a dozen tents and collecting steins. Along the way they are treated to exciting roller coaster rides and enjoy music, food, and drink to complete the Oktoberfest adventure.

The game features five multi-balls, 14 tent modes, beer stein power ups, a food stand scoring accelerator, three mini-wizard modes, the uber-wizard mode, and “lots of ducks!”

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