Fans Are Loving Apple Arcade

Fans Are Loving Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade (the mobile gaming subscription service for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac) launched yesterday, and fan reactions so far are overwhelmingly positive.The service costs $5 a month (though currently has a free one-month trial period) and includes 53 games at launch, all of which are ad- and microtransaction-free. While many were skeptical of Apple launching a gaming subscription service, it appears its appealing price and strong lineup of games has cast most fears away.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse at Apple Arcade in 100 seconds.

Apple Arcade: Games, Games, Games

This game was made for me. Apple Arcade is packing some seriously good titles right now. Month free trial people. Check it out. The Pinball Wizard especially. #AppleArcade

— Zechs Meowquise (@rockitcat) September 18, 2019
It’s been 30 minutes, and Grindstone is already one of my favorite games of the year. #AppleArcade

— Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) September 19, 2019

A few songs in and I thought I had this game figured out but this completely blew me away. #SayonaraWildHearts is absolutely magical. #AppleArcade

— Janet Garcia (@Gameonysus) September 20, 2019

Bruhhh this game looks so great in motion #AppleArcade

— TBSF (@TBSF_YT) September 19, 2019

that Apple Arcade life

— Lucy James (@lucyjamesgames) September 19, 2019

I. Love. Grindstone. @CAPYGAMES has made such a charming, fun game that’s worth the Apple Arcade subscription alone.

— Jonathon Dornbush (@jmdornbush) September 20, 2019

Frogger in Toy Town is amazing, but also I just woke up my whole house with this ending. #AppleArcade

— Brian “Seeking New Opportunities” Crecente (@crecenteb) September 19, 2019
If you aren’t sure even with all these ringing endorsements, we’re here to let you know if Apple Arcade is worth getting. Beyond our hands-on Apple Arcade impressions, you can check out the comprehensive list of Apple Arcade’s launch games.
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