Four Louisville-based artists to watch in 2019

Four Louisville-based artists to watch in 2019

Last month, community members gathered at Farm to Fork Cafe for an artist showcase event hosted by Elevator Artist Resource and Insider Louisville. The showcase highlighted a handful of Louisville’s independent artists who spoke about their backgrounds and their upcoming creative projects.

Elevator Artist Resource is committed to promoting the work of local creators and to providing platforms to engage and inspire new audiences. To follow up on the artists who presented at the showcase event, here is a summary of their work and a preview of what they will be presenting in 2019.

Anne performed at a February event hosted by Insider Louisville and Elevator.

Anne Boock Miller

Anne Boock Miller is a local dancer and circus artist. As a way to process the grief related to the end of a long relationship, she has used the principles of Authentic Movement, stemming from dance therapy, in order to show the evolution of grief over time. For one year she recorded videos of herself finding authentic movement, which have been edited into a 13 minute video that will be projected alongside a dance choreographed to elucidate the narrative and how the body moves through the stages of grief. This multidisciplinary project is expected to be presented in a show the first weekend of June 2019, at Suspend.

Small electronic devices on participants’ bikes will collect data for the project.

Todd C. Smith

Bike Sense Louisville is a public art project about cycling infrastructure and environmental concerns in the city. The project is looking for volunteers representing a range of cyclists of all ages from all across the surrounding Louisville area. Each volunteer will be given a small device that tracks their riding location and environmental data. The data from these devices will be interpreted into sound in real-time, and broadcast on a Big Four pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River. The data from this project will be given to the city at the conclusion of the project to help assess the usage and safety aspects of existing bike infrastructure.

The project will launch in May 2019 and run for six months. There is still the chance to be a part of this first-of-its-kind sound performance that results in information that can help improve our city. To find out more, and sign up to be a volunteer, visit, or find the project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Mandee McKelvey

Mandee McKelvey was recently named one of the 50 best undiscovered comics in the country by Thrillist, and it’s not hard to see why.  As one of the Midwest’s most acclaimed stand-up comedians, Mandee is revered for her ability to spin tragedy into comedy, from growing up poor in South Carolina to becoming a widow in her 20s. She has recently written, produced and performed her one-woman show to sold-out crowds.

Mandee produces the celebrated show Character Assassination at The Bard’s Town Theatre, and is the co-producer and co-host of the storytelling show We Still Like You. She recently opened for Tig Notaro and Anthony Jeselnik.

A still from Pinball, Chaubal’s film about immigrant suburbia in Louisville

Naveen Chaubal

Naveen Chauball is the director of Pinball, a feature film about immigrant suburbia in Louisville told through the eyes of a 19-year old boy, his friends, and his mother.  When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, they found themselves chasing an outdated American Dream in the country that displaced them. Their life is an untold story of irony.  Pinball is a hybrid between a documentary and narrative film capturing both true and fictionalized scenes based on real moments. The film is currently in the story development/early production phase.

Pinball is produced by Bryn Silverman.

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