Highland Park arcade bar with 70 games and 25 brews opens on York Boulevard next week | Highland Park

Barcade Exterior on York Boulevard in Highland Park

The former Arco Iris on York is reopening as Barcade

The Eastsider

HIGHLAND PARK — Barcade — a combination bar, restaurant and giant retro game arcade — debuts on York Boulevard May 6 with 70 pinball and video games and 25 craft beers.

The arcade bar opens up in the former home of Arco Iris, the long-time Mexican restaurant that closed two years ago after the owners decided to sell the property. In fact, as of this week, the old Arco Iris sign still rises above the building, which also has the Barcade signage on the side. 

Pinball and video games have long been found in bars. But Brooklyn-based Barcade helped pioneer the modern-day arcade bar concept that taps into a younger generation’s nostalgia for game arcades as well as  taste for craft beers .  In fact, the company has been aggressive about defending its Barcade trademark has the concept as spread nationwide, including arcade bars in Echo Park, Downtown LA and other spots around town.

The Highland Park Barcade, which will open 2 pm to 2 am daily, will pour 25 American craft beers on draft and serve burgers, wings, small plates, pizza bagels, and some vegetarian options, said company co-owner Paul Kermizian.

As for the arcade part, there will be 12 pinball games and 58 video games, mostly from the ’80s and ’90s.

Barcade is a 21 and over establishment, but there will be occasional family days when customers can bring their kids. 

Barcade will be at 5684 York near Avenue 56

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