Pinball machine dedicated to cancer patient at OHSU

Pinball machine dedicated to cancer patient at OHSU

This pinball machine at OHSU was dedicated to Tyler Van Pelt who lost his battle with cancer. (KATU Photo)


OHSU lit up Tuesday afternoon in memory of a former patient who made quite the impact during his battle with leukemia.

Tyler Van Pelt endured years of treatments at OHSU, but he didn’t let it change his sense of humor or outlook on life. Sadly, he lost his fight last spring.

But while in the hospital, Tyler always wished for a way to bring patients together to share something fun and make people laugh.

On Tuesday, he did just that. His friends and family, his social worker, his oncologist and care team all gathered to dedicate a pinball machine in Tyler’s honor.

“Everyone who’s lost a loved one wants them to be remembered in a positive way, and this is a chance for him to contribute to other people’s enjoyment,” said Tyler’s father, Doug.

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