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Stern Pinball - Xbox One

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Many of the all-time greatest pinball tables are being created today by Stern Pinball Inc., the oldest and largest producer of arcade quality pinball machines! Play them now on your favorite video game device. Modern classics like Star Trek, AC/DC, and Mustang are available at launch with more to come!3D Arcade – Classic arcade setting with pinball tables, neon lighting, novelty props and original works of art created by “Dirty Donny”
ROM Emulation and code compiled from real tables – 100% accurate gameplay and graphics of real world pinball machines
DLC – Table Packs, Pro Upgrades, Bundles and new features released regularly
Leaderboards – Bragging rights over friends or all players world-wide for each table; Single and multi-player games on any of the tables
Stern Challenge – In this mode, users must hit a target score on each of the tables to earn Challenge points before moving on to the next table- a full game experience in itself.

Price: $39.99 - $27.50

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