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We like it when people take a little extra pride in customizing their battle stations, be it a xenomorph head, a wine fountain, or my personal favorite, “a damn gun.” If you’re one of those high-tech VR gamers, though, you might be just a little busy waving musical light sabers to build a fancy, decked-out gaming PC.

But what if you put the effort that would go into a custom PC build into a one-of-a-kind VR station, instead? The kind you could use to really immerse yourself into the cockpit of a ship in Elite: Dangerous, or to actually rollerblade in VR?

These folks went all-out on their unique VR builds, and their experience playing some of the best games VR has to offer has been made all the better for it. Check out these awesome VR setups below.

The ejection seat

Meet YouTube user mdbuehler. I love this guy. Not just because he’s got a voice so warm and inviting that I actually watched a 12 minute video about War Thunder, but because his love for flight clearly extends well into his life. At first glance, it might seem like just another big chair and flight stick, but that’s actually a real ejection chair out of an F-106 Delta Dart, aka the “Ultimate Interceptor” military plane from the 1960s to early 1980s.

The seat itself would use a small explosion to launch fighters out of a plane in the event of an emergency, although it didn’t have the greatest record at low altitude and at Mach-1 or Mach-2 speeds.

Rounding things out is a “skirt-friendly” yoke made by Precision Flight Controls, which designs simulators for real-life Air Force and NASA training programs. Does your Staples office chair do that? I didn’t think so. Don’t forget the adorable dog napping at your side, either.

The “White Chest of Darkness”

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VR Month

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While it might sound like the bad nickname you give your tanning-challenged buddy and kind of look like a meat freezer, the “White Chest of Darkness” is actually a really tasteful bit of hidden storage space. Redditor veriix was inspired by a similar rig called the “Dark Chest of Wonders,” and installed a shifter, handbrake, internal amp, adjustable chair with rails, a self-bracing steering wheel stand so no locking mechanism would be needed, all the necessary VR…

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