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Pinball on Perry has opened up for anyone wanting to have some old school fun.

Wade Harrison said he’s been an arcade enthusiast for several years, but remembers playing such games when he was a kid. While his parents were shopping he’d toss a few quarters in the machines to wait.

“It was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.”

These days he’s been collecting his own machines for a few years. “I thought it would be fun to share them with the community. It would be fun for the community — share my hobby.”

He’s opened up his shop at 112 S. Perry in Attica.

Harrison, who’s 40-something, said some of the games are “pretty retro”, according to his kids. He said he has old school machines from the ’80s mixed in with current digital machines. There are more than 50 units for people to enjoy

He has arcade games such as Tempest, Joust 2, PacMan, and Centipede and pinball machines such as Dialed In, Wizard of Oz, and Medieval Madness. There’s also racer machines and skeeball.

“Everything runs on quarters. I figure it’s easy to get your hand on a quarter.” This is easier than taking home tokens, Harrison said. Each game can be played for one to four quarters.

Pinball on Perry is open to those of all ages. He said there are 20-somethings looking for something fun to do.

“The town could use some more fun things to do downtown.”

He said Pinball on Perry has just games, no food or drink is served, but there are restaurants and candy shops within a few blocks. He said he wants to focus on fun and encourage people to patron the other businesses.

There’s still some work that’s needed to be done. “It’s going to look fabulous.” Ultimately, he’d like to see…

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