Pinball News – Recap: NUCKS WIN! Again! Rebound to Beat BJs 3-2

Who could have predicted a THREE game Nucks win streak – last month?

Barely a handful of NM SPW Fan Fiction writers could barely predict it today.

No matter. The miracle bounces just keep on rebounding on the road. Last game’s win was started with a lucky bounce off glass and goalie, but was finished with skill and ruthless precision.

This game’s win in the Columbus Canon Club began with lucky deflections and finished with a sneaky greasy goal.

The win didn’t start looking like a win. In fact according to the official NM gamethread log, it appeared the loss was almost assured and many had filed out of the gamethread early to avoid the usual virtual traffic jam.

Then the sure Jackets win was bing-ping-bonged into a sure Jackets loss.

Them’s the bounces.

1st Period

The period didn’t start too badly. For Columbus.

Pretty bad for Marky tho. Not even a minute in and the hard MarkySoftie comments are hitting the ice.

Just an unlucky screen on Marky. Or was it? Any goal against in the 1st minute of the 1st has momentous implications for NM spirits. That’s why we keep the cap on pretty tight. We’ve had the spirits evaporate too fast, too soon, too often this season. And we can’t expect Captain M. to make house calls at dinner time.

Fortunately, despite the BJs outshooting the Nucks 9-7, the period ends with the home team and the most annoying goal celebration horn in the league only annoying us once.

2nd Period

Ok, down just one goal and everything is to play for. Sort of.

Except the Jackets appear to believe they can outshoot the Nucks and take/give penalties with impunity. And they’re correct.

Nucks get outshot 17-7, take 2 penalties and a powerplay.

But, thankfully, the canon remains silent for the full 20 minutes.

1-0 Columbus after 2.

3rd Period

And here it is. Trailing after two on the road. If this sounds familiar it is. The Nucks spent most of last month’s games chasing the game in the third and padding their 3rd period GA league leading stat.

That’s so last month.

Because. Bounces. This isn’t just the month of festive colours and spiked eggnog hangovers. It’s the month of bounces. So far… mainly a month of lucky ones.

The never-quit-Canucks never quit even when padding the GA stat sheet. With the Nucks buzzing around the broken play playground, they generate enough deflective energy for the big bountiful bounce to bound into a net-twitching display of tiefullness.

The official game record claims this pinball…

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