Pinball News – Sandy’s: 20 years and going strong | Business

Sandy’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is a place where everybody knows your name, even though there is no one at Sandy’s called Sandy.

The name came with the business, says Debbie Cramer with a laugh, co-owner with her husband, Brian. On Monday, Dec. 17, the Cramers celebrate their 20th anniversary as Sandy’s owners.

“We were kids,” Debbie says. “We didn’t know anything about the restaurant business. But we’ve always been working owners. You have to work hard to be successful in this business.”

The Cramers totally remodeled the restaurant and have continued to make changes and additions through the years. “We started with 12 TVs,” Debbie says. “Now we have 21.”

The first customer was named Leo, and he ordered the fish tacos. In honor of the moment, if you want fish tacos today, it’s Uncle Leo’s fish tacos on the menu.

There is a game room, featuring classic pinball games from Jay Obernolte’s collection. There is a pinball league, too. You can watch football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, the Olympics and other sports from around the world. The menu is the standard pub fare with a large variety of burgers and beer on tap and in bottles.

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