Pinball Video – Pinball: Hurricane (1991) Grand Champion Score

Pinball: Hurricane (1991) Grand Champion Score

This weekend I decided to try to figure out the Hurricane pinball machine I recently picked up. In this particular game I took the Grand Champion score from my buddy Phil, who’s a little strange for liking Hurricane so much 😛 I had a good first ball, and a decent last ball (hit the Comet ramp nine straight times to on the last ball) Probably the most fun aspect of this game is that it rewards you for being able to hit a ramp over and over, so good players can really put up a score when they get into a zone (I’d define “putting up a score” as over 100 million, so I have a ways to go yet). If you can get a good deal on a one, Hurricane is a fun machine as part of a collection, but is probably not the best pin to get if you are only looking to own one or two machines.
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