Pinball Video – The Pinball Arcade – Medieval Madness – PS3 – 8.5B+ points

The Pinball Arcade - Medieval Madness - PS3 - 8.5B+ points

Another LP of one of my favourite PA tables. This video replaces the previous LP

I didn’t get THE highest score but got enough for a peak position of #9 at the time. The highest score that looks reasonable is about 15 billion. If you can consistently get standard multiball you can get an extra ball by getting a Super Jackpot. After that you need to get ALL of the SJs (Castle lock then the following in any order: catapult, left joust orbit, peasant ramp, castle lock, damsel ramp and right joust orbit!). The “Battle For The Kingdom” mode can give big points. About 2.4B was scored thru BFTK by beating The King of Payne.
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