Pinball Locations

Use our pinball locations map to find places to play pinball or share your favorite pinball locations with fellow pinball players. Please ADD your favorite local pinball locations to the map and help build a great resource for pinball enthusiasts around the world. Simply click the ADD button on the top right area of map to add a new pinball location. PLEASE WAIT WHILE MAP LOADS…

How to use the pinball locations map

1. Make your comments brief, informative, and helpful to others.
2. Place name field should include name of business or venue.
3. If you don’t know the address info, type in the name of the location, some basic address info like city, state, or zip…then click the “Search” link next to the title field. Pick the correct location from the search results, and all of the address info will automatically be filled in for you. If you don’t see the location in the search results, try using Google Maps to search for address info.
4. Fill out DETAILS like place, games, hours, phone, etc. Leave blank if you aren’t sure. Try to include some useful interesting comments about the location. Other users will find it handy.
5. In the MEDIA tab, include a street view or interior photo of the location.
6. Don’t include audio unless it’s useful or informative for other viewers.
7. All entries are reviewed by a map moderator and may be edited or deleted without notice.