dazzling toys Tabletop Pinball Game Board – Mini Toy Pin Ball Machine for Home Table – Portable

dazzling toys Tabletop Pinball Game Board - Mini Toy Pin Ball Machine for Home Table - Portable

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Bring the fun of the arcade to your home with Dazzling Toys Pinball Tabletop Game Board! Shoot to score with this fun & interactive tabletop game that will provide hours of entertainment.

About This Product:

– Shoot & Score Tabletop Pinball Game
– Makes A Great Gift
– Provides Hours Of Entertainment
– Comes With An Instruction Manual

This pinball style board game is not only fun and entertaining but also a great way to get the brain muscles working. Children & adults alike can exercise problem solving skills and strategic thinking to beat their opponent in this multi-functional game.

Strengthen sensory and gross motor skills in a fun, vibrant way!

Because this game requires you to constantly manipulate it with your hands, you will be stimulated physically, allowing you to develop sensory and gross motor skills. The bright and attractive colors will entertain and stimulate your child mentally, keeping them engaged the entire time. It is also a great way to take a quick break from tedious activities to give yourself a fun little break at the office, home or anywhere you can imagine.

This tabletop pinball game is easy to carry and is a great game to take with you on the road or for educators to have as a fun incentive for their students for accomplishing a challenging task. Because of it’s compact size it is incredibly easy to store away for future use, making it great for small spaces.

This awesome game makes a great gift for all occasions from birthdays to festive holidays. Any child would appreciate this fun gift that is sure to keep them and a friend entertained for hours!

At Dazzling Toys we take pride in providing top quality products. If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase, contact a customer care representative so we can be of assistance.FUN & ENGAGING GAME: This tabletop pinball style board game allows you to bring the fun of the arcade just about anywhere. This interactive activity will provide hours of entertainment.
GREAT FOR TRAVEL: This super compact game rests easily on flat surfaces & won’t take up a lot of space making it a great for bringing along on trips for a dose of fun when you’re on the go.
EASY TO STORE: Due to its small size this game is also very easy to store away when it’s not in use making it ideal for tight spaces such as closets, bedrooms, offices & classrooms.
MENTALLY STIMULATING: This shoot to score pinball game is allows children & adults to practice strategic thinking, making it great for mental stimulation & intellectual development.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Give this as a gift to just about anyone! It’s a great reward or incentive to a child for achieving an accomplishment or as a stocking stuffer or token of appreciation.

Price: $19.49

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