Fangamer Flip Grip for Nintendo Switch review: The best way to play retro arcade and pinball games

FanGamer Flip Grip Nintendo Switch accessory

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One of the things I love about the Nintendo Switch, aside from its amazing portability, is the number of retro games you can play on the console. There are hundreds if not thousands of NeoGeos, pinball games, and classic collections for anyone who loves old-school gaming. However, since many retro games were designed for a cabinet console with a vertical screen, it can be odd playing these games on the Switch. Enter the Fangamer Flip Grip. This unique accessory allows you to slide your Joy-Cons onto a vertically-oriented Switch screen to better play your favorite classics.

I spent several hours testing the Flip Grip to see how well it worked. I paid particular attention to how well the accessory was made, the price, and the number of games that can be used with it. Here’s my review of the Fangamer Flip Grip for Nintendo Switch.

Cabinet window

Fangamer Flip Grip

A great accessory for retro games

Bottom line: This Switch accessory is the best way to enjoy games that work in vertical mode. It’s sturdy, looks good, and doesn’t cost very much. You’ll just need to make sure that the game you want to use it with works in the proper orientation.


Sturdy build
Easy to use
Looks good


Only works with the Switch in one direction
Games must orient in the right direction

Fangamer Flip Grip What I like

FanGamer Flip Grip Nintendo Switch accessory

Source: iMore

Sturdy build A well-made accessory

Despite only costing $12, the Flip Grip is made of super sturdy materials and doesn’t bend when pressed on. There are felt pads on the inside of the device to prevent your console from getting scuffed up when slid in and out. What’s more, it looks great. A fun logo is etched into the backside and all the divots and recesses look beautiful without any sharp edges.

It’s a lightweight accessory that doesn’t get in the way of my hands.

When I’m playing one of my favorite vertically-oriented games, I love the way the Switch looks and feels. It doesn’t look strange and if I’m not paying attention, I forget that Flip Grip is even there. The accessory doesn’t weigh much and it doesn’t get in the way of my hands when I’m playing. What’s more, the casing is designed to allow your Switch to vent like it needs to. There are openings along the sides of the Flip Grip that allow heat to escape, leaving your Switch running smoothly.

Easy to use Just slip the Switch in

This device is really straightforward. You simply slide your Switch Screen into the middle opening and then slide your Joy-Cons onto either side. When in place, your Switch screen and Joy-Cons remain in place and don’t slide around. The Joy-Cons remove from the accessory they same way they detach from your Switch; you press the release button down and then slide them off.

Removing the Switch is a little strange, but is doable. There’s a tab on the back with an orange square. You need to either slide your finger or a something small, like a credit card, below the tab to release your Switch screen. After that, the Switch comes out no problem.

Fangamer Flip Grip What I don’t like

FanGamer Flip Grip Nintendo Switch accessory

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Not as versatile Rigid Switch direction limits compatible games

While there are several Flip Grip compatible Switch games, there are also many that don’t work with it. This is due to the fact that you can only insert the Switch screen into the Flip Grip in one direction with the cartridge slot up top. Some of the games that offer vertical mode only flip the screen in one vertical direction, which could lead to the game showing up upside down when using the Flip Grip.

The Switch only inserts in one direction, so the Flip Grip only works with some vertical-oriented games.

Unfortunately, while most publishers are good about telling you if a game supports vertical mode, they don’t tend to tell you which direction the vertical mode comes in at. Some games allow every orientation possible, but others are limited to one direction. For this reason, it can be a gamble figuring out which games are compatible with the Flip Grip.

On a side note, in order to change the screen orientation of a game, you typically have to go into the settings menu and make the change. However, some games, like Star Wars Pinball, allow you to rotate the screen orientation simply by pressing a button on the screen.

One other thing about the design that’s a little odd is that this orientation makes it so you cannot access the power or volume buttons while your Switch is in the Flip Grip. However, you can still resort to pressing the Home button and then entering Sleep Mode or changing the volume that way.

Fangamer Flip Grip Should you buy it?

FanGamer Flip Grip Nintendo Switch accessory

Source: iMore

While the Flip Grip doesn’t work with every retro game, it makes gaming sessions a lot more convenient for the titles it does work with. Price-wise, $12 isn’t much to pay for the convenience of vertical gaming and the accessory itself is built very sturdy and feels good in your hands. If you have a specific game in mind that you know works with the Flip Grip, you…

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