Game Room Guys Stern Spiderman Vault Pinball Black Rubber Ring Kit

Game Room Guys Stern Spiderman Vault Pinball Black Rubber Ring Kit

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Not really sure exactly which rubber rings you need for your pinball machine? Do not worry because these custom built kits come with everything you need to replace your old, worn out rings. All kits include the rubber rings for the playfield, flippers, rebound, ball shooter, post sleeves, etc. for your pinball machine. (Post caps are not included in the kit.) We also carry all of the light bulbs, coils, plastics, etc you may need for your pinball machine. If you have not tried it before, be sure to use Millwax pinball playfield cleaner to polish your machine. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. With your order, you will also receive Carl’s Top Ten ‘tricks & tips’ for your pinball. These ‘tricks’ will help you fix problem spots and make your pinball play much better. **Kits do not include the ring placement chart so please refer to your game’s manual. Additionally, these kits do not include the rubber rings that go below the playfield.**

Custom built for this specific pinball
Includes rubber rings, flipper rubbers, ball shooter tip, etc. Post caps not included.
Your kit will include all necessary parts for full rubber replacement
Does not include rings that go below playfield or ring placement chart
High Quality Product

Price: $27.99

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