I/M Wooden Tabletop Football/Soccer Pinball Games, Indoor Portable Sport Table Board for Kids and Family

I/M Wooden Tabletop Football/Soccer Pinball Games, Indoor Portable Sport Table Board for Kids and Family

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“FLIP KICK” is a foosball game for everyone who likes the game of soccer.
The game is played in pairs, the rules are simple:
→ The ball must go into the goal.
→ The first player to score 6 goals is the winner.
→ Or you evaluate the current score at the end of an agreed game time. Then there can be a draw.


The age of the players is hardly limited. Already 4-year-old learn the game very fast. And up there is no limit.
Everyone can play with everyone. Peers among themselves, mom against dad or juveniles against adults. One of the few toys that can inspire even teenagers.
It is a solid and robust wooden game. That lasts for many years, certainly generations.
No need for electricity or batteries.
If there is no table, it is played on the ground.
Any ball of reasonable size can be used as a plaything. However it works best with metal balls. (Steel balls for ball bearings)


I’M was founded since 1987 as the woodworking manufacturer. The production team employs both modern technology and traditional handmade techniques to serve the commercial requirement, artistic demand, and customer satisfaction. All products are creatively designed and go through strict production and quality control to ensure quality, safety and beauty.FEATURE: Compact and portable desktop-tabletop sport game. Mix of pinball and football kicker for children from 4 years, boys, teenagers and adults soccer fans. Contains 2 balls. No battery required.
HIGH QUALITY: Woodworking guarantees longevity.
GAMEPLAY: Start a game by releasing the ball through the side holes. Press left or right Flip Kick buttons to either kick the ball forward or block the opponents attack. Mark a score by shifting a bead along the score track.
CHALLENGE: The rubber buttons on the board represent the soccer players which let the ball rebound in unexpected directions on impact. Experienced players take advantage of this and take targeted shots to win.
DIMENSION: 16.9 x 11.2 x 2.3 inches

Price: $59.99

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