Nagina International Bagatelle Traditional Wooden Crafted Tabletop Pinball Game | Exclusive Kid’s Toys Decor & Gifts (Medium)

Nagina International Bagatelle Traditional Wooden Crafted Tabletop Pinball Game | Exclusive Kid's Toys Decor & Gifts (Medium)

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Bagatelle Or Pinball is a billiard-derived indoor table game, Bagatelle pinball game comes with 11 (pcs) Steel 8.75 mm balls which are loaded into the horizontal cartridge section and shot one at a time with the trigger which is when pulled triggers the steel ball to the heights and steel balls lands into the scoring pockets! The objective of this game is score the highest score by shooting consecutives balls. This is an Original Bagatelle variant which has been crafted using the premium Natural Rosewood which is solid and hardwood thus perfect for these sturdy and well crafted indoor-games. The Children’s floor board games features premium wood hand sanded polished surfaces, the kind of polishes these beautiful crafted pinball games feature are truly exclusive and doesn’t easily loose the shine and lustre! The surfaces of the bagatelle pinball game are buff waxed to the core which gives it a sligh gloss and a lustre finish! It’s a lovely fun game which when played with families and kids brings a lot fun and kinda gives a reason to come together! A great fun family game for Wood Craft admirers and nons too! Premium Hand Crafted Bagatelle Pinball games come in two size variants, both of them have been put out for sale. We invite you to come and explore the widest Nautical Home & Kitchen Decor Gifts & Collectible range that we have for you! Keep exploring Nagina International for the perfect Gifts that you could have asked for!Premium Hand Sanded Surface | Buff Waxed Elite Lustre-Shine Finish | Semi-Gloss Finishing look
8.75 mm Steel Balls | Solid Brass Pins | Printed Score Board | Velvet Floored On The Base
Size : 38 x 22 x 7.5 Centimeters | Weight : 1.3 KG | 100% True Solid Wood | Premium Lavish Craftsmanship With Zero Flaws & Fints
100% Quality& Satisfaction | Return Easily & Immediately If Not Satisfied |
Brand New (Factory Direct) | Exclusive Kitchen & Home Decor Gits & Collectibles By Nagina International

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