Professor Puzzle Planetry Pinball

Professor Puzzle Planetry Pinball

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Propel the meteoroids into space, dodging rockets and galactic debris to create a collision course with the highest scoring planets! Designed as a mix between a pinball machine and classic game of bagatelle, test your luck and reflexes in this game of rapid fire reaction. Can you score higher than your friends and family, and send these asteroids hurling into outer space?PLAY your way through outer space with this vintage wooden pinball game.
LEARN to use your visual perception and fine motor skills to propel meteoroids into space and rack up points depending on what planet they land on.
CONTAINS 3 balls, one intergalactic pinball board and instruction sheet.
DESIGNED  with high quality wooden components, this intergalactic pinball game looks great on any table, or game shelf.
DEVELOPED  by Professor Puzzle, as a part of the Intergalactic Fun & Games collection- a group of classic games, with a vintage “out of this world” feel. 

Price: $29.99

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