Star Wars Villains Pinball Game

Star Wars Villains Pinball Game

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Relive the Star Wars experience with your favorite characters from The Force Awakens. Star Wars Pinball from Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun, is a great way to pass the time for your Star Wars movie fan. Pull back on the spring loaded launcher and watch the steel balls fly toward the targets. The points add up to make this game a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. Travels well and no batteries required. Just pull the lever and fire away. For ages 3 and above.Unplug with a classic pinball game featuring your favorite Star Wars characters from Episode 7: The Force Awakens
Traditional pinball play, score points as you land the steel balls into the half-moon traps
Pull back the spring loaded launcher, send the balls into the game and watch the points add up
Great, non-electronic play for long are rides or rainy days, it’s hours of engaging Star Wars fun; no batteries required
For ages 3+

Price: $7.69

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