Stern Munsters Pinball Black White Inside Art Blades

Stern Munsters Pinball Black White Inside Art Blades

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Stern Munsters Pinball B/W Inside Art Blades: Add depth and character to your Munster’s Pinball with these custom black and white inside art blades from Stern. Matching the Munster’s Premium Pinball cabinet art, these art blades look great and really tie the look of the machine together. Blades feature pictures of the Munsters family hung on a dusty, cobweb covered mansion wall. A suit of armor and some burning candles add to the haunting vibe. Order today and set your pin apart from the rest!

Black and White Art Blades Add Depth and Character
Matches Munster’s Premium Pinball Cabinet Artwork
Ties the Look of the Premium Together
Great for Home Game Rooms and Bars
Features Pictures of The Munsters Hanging on a Wall

Price: $99.99

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